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Inside The Heart Of This Mission

Get to know the heart that beats inside this mission.

Coming to America from a country like the Philippines has a deep effect on us when we think of the hardships of our fellow Filipinos in contrast with the wonderful things that GOD has done in our lives and how this country is blessed with the many good things that we all freely enjoy; basic things like: medical care, clean water, school, roof over our heads and even “air-conditioned” homes.

These are just a few, there is so much more. Things that we may not have been paying attention to. Normal things in our life right now—so normal that we simply take them for granted. Things that the great majority of our fellow Filipinos consider as: “beyond luxury”, unbelievable, unattainable…”only-in-my-dreams.”

”only-in-my-dreams.” – This saying is so common right now in the Philippines that it is more than just a play of words. To most of them, it is an expression of acceptance to the tough and downhearted life that they are living.

Thankfully, we all have the opportunity to show to them that there is hope. We can all make a difference in their lives as we accept the great calling; to spread the Word of our LORD, HIS message of salvation, grace, mercy, compassion and HIS GREAT LOVE for all of us through sharing and giving—this is the very heart of this mission.

You see, there is really no shortage of need in this world. And when we start to help, we can only do what little we can. This is the moment when our helping hands need your helping hands.

This is the moment when our helping hands need your helping hands.

The amazing power of this partnership is such that GOD evenly distributes the task in each of us and therefore, doesn't lay a heavy burden in any one of us… thus stressing the importance of having to need ONE ANOTHER; to make all of our hearts beat in harmony with the heartbeat of GOD. Whether it be your time, talent or your treasures, you will not only have nurtured them but you will help them find a hope in their future despite their desperate past; That there is hope in the LORD and with the LORD; when they come to know that GOD actually exists and that GOD hears their cries, GOD sees their misery and that GOD is deeply concerned.

It is of utmost importance that we present to them the saving grace of GOD. That we are not there simply because we have enough money to help them get by and feel better for a few days. NO. We need to let them understand that the material things that we brought with us for them can only go so far and can only do so much. We need to make them understand that we,, are just mere instruments of GOD for HIS grand plan of deliverance. We need to make them understand that it is GOD and GOD alone who can deliver them out of their desperate situation.

It is of utmost importance that we present to them the saving grace of GOD.

We should know. We at firmly believes that it is by the will of our LORD and HIS saving grace that we are delivered from the very same situation in the Philippines to America; the land of green pastures and opportunities.

We at strongly believes that GOD has delivered us here in this great country to be nurtured for a reason—to one day be fit and able to answer GOD’S great calling. To one day be able to say: “here I am LORD, send me.”

To one day be able to say: “here I am LORD, send me.”

So embark on an amazing journey with us to Himamaylan, Philippines, where we start enjoying our lives by learning to get our minds off of ourselves and begin thinking about others as we learn to partner with GOD and make this happen.

You can be a part of this wonderful effort through your participation, donation, prayer or simply liking our Facebook page to promote awareness. We really do need your helping hand.

Let our love for our LORD be someone else's miracle. Let this journey begin!


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